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In addition to the application for a visa, there is also an interview. Even after preparing the necessary documents and waiting in line, there are instances when the visa is not granted. If an applicant is unable to communicate his or her situation adequately to the Immigration Bureau Officer, or if there is a problem with the application, it decreases the chances of the visa being approved.

At VisasJapan we act as your proxy

  1. We will accumulate the information from our clients and complete all application forms. As proxy, VisasJapan will also submit these applications to the Immigration Bureau. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the Immigration Bureau up to three times, but VisasJapan takes care of this for our clients.
  2. We have free consultation. We will listen to our clients carefully to fully understand their situation. Before the application is applied for, the chances of success will be known. If there are problems, they can be solved earlier and avoid the risk of having an application being rejected. If the application is rejected once, reapplying is a very lengthy and tiresome process.
  3. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will fill out the official paperwork for a smooth and easy process for our clients. This way there is also a chance that the length of time between submission and being successfully processed can be shortened.


We have free consultation

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